Title: 2019/6/1 16:35:43
I live a mile away and ordered 2 items for delivery, it took WELL OVER an HOUR to get my food!!! I suggest if you want their food in a timely manneryou go to the restaurant.
Title: 2019/4/10 8:47:36
Congrats on great article in MilwaukeeJS. It looks like your salted fried fish is gluten-free.Is that true?
Title: 2018/9/29 10:59:26
Absolutely authentic Sze Chuan food. Numbing spice and fragrant choices are the norm. One of my favorite places!
Title: 2018/12/26 12:33:45
Do your restaurant have a We chat ID?
Title: 2018/11/8 10:27:13
My wife is from Chongqing, which used to be the capital of Sichuan province. We come here often. This is my favorite restaurant and the people are great! Try the kung pao chicken and ask for Sichuan style. It's spicy and numbing.
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