Title: 2020/5/9 18:22:32
Ordered online (order number 524751687) arrived and was told they were out of the szechwan grass jelly and the amount of $4.25 would be returned to my card. Have yet to be refunded. Food I did receive was amazing and very satisfied with the flavor.
Title: 2020/5/18 2:53:08
Awesome content in our blog must read it.
Title: 2020/5/13 17:24:47
Ordered online, had to wait 20 minutes past my pick-up time and when I got home the order was wrong. We were supposed to get dry chili chicken and ended up with general tso鈥檚... a cheaper dish than what we paid for. online order (#524875826)
Title: 2020/4/18 9:11:51
After ordering online, we were not told when to pick it up. Called several times (phone was busy). After a hour, upon calling again, they said it was ready. They need serious upgrade on their system. Also when picking up order, I had seen an employee in the kitchen working with a mask on, but unfortunately it was around his chin. So many ways to contract the virus this did not help. Will not be returning to the restaurant again.
Title: 2020/3/9 18:34:58
4 guest, hot pot
Title: 2020/3/31 17:34:35
Was not happy with food tonight..pot stickers soggy and greasy. Salted fish greasy--shrimp lo mein had a few shrimp--raw cabbage--food luke warm :(
Title: 2020/3/13 8:35:33
I'd like to make a reservation for 4 for tonight (3/13/20) at 6:30 pm . Please call me to confirm this at 414-690-9468. Thanks, Kelli Steffey
Title: 2020/12/6 13:59:25
Disappointed! I've loved Szechuan and always recommended it, but I got it today and the quality has certainly decreased. No flavor in either of our dishes- Mongolian beef and sesame chicken. The food tasted like it could've come from any 1 star Chinese restaurant. I will probably give it one more chance only because I'm praying this is a one off time and they will return to their quality food soon. If they keep this quality, I will look to some of the other recommended places in the city!
Title: 2020/11/17 17:38:14
Ordered for the first time and will be the only time it was cost alot for food that the garbage. I ordered the chicken with vegetables and the vegetables where so soft and all it tasted like was peanuts the white rice was so soggy. The sesame chicken was hard and tasted like vinegar. The sweet and sour chicken had more harder pieces of chicken then edible pieces chicken. The only edible dish was garlic shrimp without the white rice because that was horrible. I also order 2 appetizers well not going there. Lets just say 65.00 went in the garage can and we made frozen pizza. Very very very disappointed was hoping to find another place for good food I will go back to JJs.
Title: 2020/10/1 16:24:06
Kung pao chicken I just ordered was terrible. I recently ordered from this restraint because great apple was closed down and ordered 4 times since I thought food was so good. But after receiving this runny cold pale non Spicey Kung pao chicken I鈥檓 going back to the great Apple.
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