Title: 2022/2/4 14:43:37
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Title: 2021/7/12 22:44:02
Title: 2021/7/12 22:44:02
Title: 2021/7/12 22:43:52
Title: 2020/5/9 18:22:32
Ordered online (order number 524751687) arrived and was told they were out of the szechwan grass jelly and the amount of $4.25 would be returned to my card. Have yet to be refunded. Food I did receive was amazing and very satisfied with the flavor.
Title: 2020/5/18 2:53:08
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Title: 2020/5/13 17:24:47
Ordered online, had to wait 20 minutes past my pick-up time and when I got home the order was wrong. We were supposed to get dry chili chicken and ended up with general tso鈥檚... a cheaper dish than what we paid for. online order (#524875826)
Title: 2020/4/18 9:11:51
After ordering online, we were not told when to pick it up. Called several times (phone was busy). After a hour, upon calling again, they said it was ready. They need serious upgrade on their system. Also when picking up order, I had seen an employee in the kitchen working with a mask on, but unfortunately it was around his chin. So many ways to contract the virus this did not help. Will not be returning to the restaurant again.
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